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We don’t always get a warning before a financial emergency strikes, and if you don’t have an emergency fund saved for that sort of scenario, you could find yourself short on cash. That’s where a title loan can make a huge difference, allowing you to get the financial boost you need without waiting around. At Wells & Clark Title Financing, we offer title loans Greenville. Unlike a typical loan that relies on your credit score, a title loan only requires that you own a car that has a clear title on it. There’s no credit check when you get a title loan, making it a convenient same day bad credit loan option.

One major title loan selling point is the application process, which is known for being fast and convenient. We knew that we could still improve on it, though, and that’s why there’s an easy online application for title loans Greenvilleright here on the Wells & Clark Title Financing website. You can reach the application by clicking on that Apply link, and with the app only requiring simple information, you will likely get through it in 30 seconds or less. It starts by having you fill out the following details on your car:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Style
  • An estimate on its mileage

Other than that, the only other items you’ll need to enter are the following pieces of personal info:

  • Your full name
  • Your email
  • Your cell phone number

Here’s what will happen when you click Submit and send your application in to us – we’ll run your car’s info, which allows us to come up with a free vehicle title loan estimate and preapprove your application for a loan. We’ll also instruct one of our Wells & Clark Title Financing representatives to call you as soon as they can and guide you through the rest of the process on your loan.

Wondering what the requirements are for title loans Greenville? The typical title loan requirements across the nation are one form of ID to verify that you’re at least 18 years old, your car and your car title. South Carolina also requires that lenders check to see borrowers can repay what they borrow, which means it’s best if you can bring in proof of income and employment. You should also be prepared to list your monthly expenses.

About Us

No one who runs a search for title loans Greenville wants listings for lenders that aren’t anywhere near the city. After all, a big reason so many people choose title loans is the convenience factor, and long drives through South Carolina can be pleasant, but they aren’t convenient when time is short. We’re proud to have the Wells & Clark Title Financing office located right here in Greenville to make it easy for customers to get here, no matter what route they take. And on top of that, there is also quite a bit of parking near our office.

Once you arrive, one of our reps will be ready to get you a title loan. Here’s how the process goes:

  • Our representative will get you the paperwork you need to sign for your title loan. Make sure you let them know if you received a loan preapproval from us upon completion of our online application.
  • We’ll figure out your car’s current market value, which we do by inspecting it and seeing what a vehicle value guide has to say. Once we know how much the car is worth, we can base your maximum title loan amount on that.
  • We need you to give us your car title for the time being, and then we can give you the title loan. Don’t worry about your car title. We keep it safe until you’ve paid back the loan, and then we return it.

It’s a short, simple process that likely won’t even take an hour.

How It Works

The age minimum of 18 on all title loans has been set by the federal government, but besides that, states get to make their own title loan regulations. South Carolina has a few key regulations to know about before you get a title loan.

South Carolina title loans need to be more than $600. Even though the state hasn’t put a maximum on loan amounts, the most common range is between $601 and $2,500, which tends to fit the needs of almost every title loan borrower.

When it comes to title loan terms in South Carolina, the term length must be at least 30 days, and the maximum length that South Carolina allows for the initial loan term is 120 days. Lenders usually set up loans with terms of 30 days.

You’re expected to pay off your title loan at the end of the term, but there is an alternative available, as you can renew it if you need more time to pay it off in full.

Renewal of a title loan only requires you to pay any interest it has on it. You then get to start a new term that’s as long as the initial term and has a new interest charge.

There are two title loan term limits in South Carolina to be aware of if you renew your loan. You can only renew a title loan a maximum of six times in South Carolina, but the longest possible renewal period is 240 days. That means if you got a title loan with a 120-day initial term, you could only renew it twice, not six times, before you hit that 240-day limit.

After you reach the renewal limit on your title loan, you’re supposed to pay it all off, but there is a law in South Carolina that allows you to pay off any remaining loan principal through six payments made monthly. You won’t need to pay any further interest during that time.